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Copyright © 2009 - 2015, DUNK Ltd.

I wrote a version of this programme on the 25th March 2009... The day I stopped smoking.

Perhaps it's just the Scot in me, but I found the fact that I was saving my money as well as my health to be a great motivator through the cravings and during my weaker moments.

It also became a little like an unbroken chain of 'good days' - the more they accumulated, the more determined I was to not break the chain!

I hope that this simple application can help you to stay smoke-free as it has for me.

Good luck,




Hugh Williams
Creative Director

For any enquiries, problems, feedback (or support!) please email:

*** Version 2.4 Released ***

*** 14th December 2012 ***

The most recent version of the app launched last night - I hadn't realised that the previous version had been tagged as iOS6 only in the app submittal process, so a few people were unable to access it on their older devices.. Sorry about that!

Other than that, there was a bug in the donate page which meant my 'Thank You' message didn't show up... How rude. This has been fixed now and my appreciation is there in full effect.

Finally, I'm still getting loads of negative feedback about the lack of months, so I added a response to this decision in the 'What's New' text. I guess I will probably have to give in to pressure though and add in a 'display months' feature in the next version. It would be great to know what the consensus is with this - Add in slightly unfair months, or keep it as super-fair weeks...?

*** Version 2.3 Released ***

*** 1st November 2012 ***

A bit of a refresh really... Cleaned up the graphics and made an iPad (and iPhone 5) friendly version as a Universal app.

I also changed the order of the tabs and completely updated the Facebook and Twitter sharing elements (they haven't worked properly for a while due to both companies changing their security policies recently for 3rd party developers)

I added in South African Rand as a currency, and also changes 'Pipes' to 'Pipe Tobacco', both of these were public requests.

PLEASE NOTE: In some cases if you donate, the 'wait' symbol stays on the screen and you don't get a 'Thank You' from me... Please accept my apologies for this. I'm working on a quick update for the issue. The main point is, the donation has been made, so don't try to donate again...
Well - unless you really want to that is!

*** Version 2.2 Released ***

*** 7th April 2011 ***

I updated the FaceBook sharing to making it work on all iOS versions. I also made the share function easier to get to, as this was a regular request from users of the app.

Anyone experiencing any issues should drop me a line through the email above - Let me know as much as possible about the situation please... I do read the emails and do act on any that I can.